Make Money with Craigslist

Below is brief description on how to make money with craigslist. If you are serious about it, I recommend this e-book. It’s way more detailed then my posting and it’s very thorough.

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So now that you know how to use craigslist, I’d like to show you how to you can use it to make money. I’ve been doing this for a few years on and off to make extra cash. I’ve never thought about doing it full time but I bet it would be pretty profitable.

So it’s a really simple idea. You look for items on craigslist that are listed below their going price. How do we know their going price? I’ll tell ya that in a minute. The item should be small enough to ship but if it’s a great deal, then it doesn’t matter. The smaller the item, the easier it is to transport, package and ship. Therefore, you could get lots of them. Look for items that are in demand now (like an iPad) or collectables (like antiques). Those type of items always sell. If the deal is too good, then the item doesn’t really matter. You’ll make a profit anyway.

So the way I do my research for what the going price is for all the items I sell is on eBay. eBay has this great feature that allows you to search items that have sold. For example, Say I see an 16gb white iPad mini on craigslist for $200. If I don’t know what the price trend for that item is, I go to, search 16gb white ipad mini, then on the left side of the page you’ll see something that reads “completed listings”. Click on that. Then on the top of the page, you choose what type of “completed listings” you want to see. All listings, Auction, and Buy It Now. You want to select “Auction”. You don’t want Buy It Now since people list their items on ebay for way too much money and you won’t see enough items sold.

So once you have selected Auction, you’ll see all the items prices that have sold in green and the ones that didn’t sell in red. You could grab all the ones that have sold (green ones) in that week and then average the prices out. Once you do that, you’ll see that the 16gb whie iPad mini is going for $300 on ebay. So you just made $100 with very little work and all from home.

There is a bit of a learning curve at the beginning. You need to make sure the items you are buying are in good working order. So always check it thoroughly when you go to see it. If anything seems suspicious or if the item doesn’t look right, then just don’t by it. It’s not worth it. you could lose money and there are definitely better items with less risk you could go for.

The other learning bit is what to charge for shipping on ebay. Ebay will give you an average and it’s a great start off point but eventually on some items you’ll lose a dollar here in there in shipping and supplies. So keep your eye on that and tweak your shipping costs accordingly.

Some of you might be asking “well why can’t I just resell it on craigslist”? Yes! You can! But from my experience items will sell much fast and for more money on ebay. Remember with craigslist you’re dealing with local people. On ebay you’re dealing nationally (even globally if you want). If you have more people competing to buy an item, it’ll drive the price up.

The best times to buy is at the end or beginning of the month and on holidays. Some people have to sell some of they’re luxuries at the end of the month if they can’t make rent.

That’s it for now. I will revise this in the coming days with pictures and probably a video.

I’m also working on getting a tutorial up for you guys on how to sell on ebay and optimizing your listing.

I wanted to mention that I have had lots of success doing this. I’ve purchased countless iphones and resold them on ebay for lots of profits. Once you get experienced enough it becomes really easy. If you’re handy with electronics, I recommend getting iphones or laptops with broken screens. You can fix those up really quickly and make even bigger profits. I once made $800 on a macbook pro. The seller didn’t want to hassle with fixing the screen so he just sold it. I purchased a new screen and resold it. Didn’t take but an hour to get the new screen reinstalled.

Ok good luck to you all! Please comment or email me if you have any questions.

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  1. Hello, just following up on my e mail that i sent you on sat march 21, l dont know if i did it right or not, and i did list some questions that l wanted to you ask you. Hope to hear back soon, want to get started.

    thank you


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